Your Guide to Champaign County

Whether you’re here on a weekend getaway, business convention, or just visiting, Champaign County has plenty of things to do and see. Relax and get back to nature by exploring the Anita purves Nature Center. Nature lovers will also enjoy the beautiful and diverse prairie flora at The Arboretum and the Mabery Gelvin Botanical Garden. Sports fans will want to visit The Olympic Tribute, a monument honoring the achievements of Olympic athletes from our county. And for a different sport visit the Homer 500, the areas first drag strip for snowmobiles and ATV’s. And don’t forget the kids. You can pick apples and pumpkins at Curtis Orchard, feed the barnyard animals at Prairie Farm, try your luck with the 7-acre Cornfusion maze at Hardy’s Evergreen Acres and Reindeer Ranch, or learn about the stars and planets at The William M. Staerkel Planetarium, the 2nd largest in Illinois. Attend a flea market or other show at Gordyville or expand your international knowledge at the Japan House. Swim some laps at the Urbana Indoor Aquatic Center or take a leisurely stroll through the Wandell Sculpture Garden.

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Will you be a USMLE winner?

There is something that I am going to have to break to you in this article, and it is not something which is good news – a lot of people who are in the exam room with you for the USMLE exam, will walk away disappointed due to failing the exam. And that will suck for them but the bigger question is, will you be one of them? Of course you should be aiming to not be one of them. It would not be pleasant if you are one of them due to the feeling you will get of having to either give up and go back to your old career or having to attempt the exam again. Either way it will not be too pleasant a decision to have to make, so why not ensure that it does not even come to that, by studying properly for the exam? To learn how to prepare well for the exam go to

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Going that extra NCLEX mile

You will usually find that the students who pass exams with the highest grades are the ones who went the extra mile with their studies. I mean yeah sure you get the odd clever guy here or there who’s natural intelligence just carries him right through to exam success without a whole lot of study done, but these people are rare and the chances that you are one of them is low if you have been researching how to study for this exam (and have thus found yourself on this website reading this article). So assuming that you are someone of medium to high intelligence but not elite intelligence, I can only think that the best thing for you to do is find a good strategy for your studies going forward. The best place to find a strategy for this is at which will certainly put you on the straight and narrow in terms of what you need to do. And that is so important because when you do not really know what to do, it is so easy to just crumble under the strain of not knowing how to proceed, and end up doing nothing at all to help your studies move forwards with their productivity.

Discovering your NCLEX study mojo

Something that most people turn a blind eye to with their studies for the NCLEX exam is the finding of their study mojo. This basically means the rhythm of study that lies purely within them, and can be found by having access to the right NCLEX exam review and also by having within a solid desire to succeed. Those 2 components are basically 50% each of what is needed in order to get yourself ready for the NCLEX exam. Actually Kaplan’s strong NCLEX review is one that I believe you should have a go with if you can manage to. It is a little bit expensive for the budgets of some people, but that is not always a bad thing. Because think about this: if the best review is more expensive than the others, then less people will buy it and this means that less people will be getting access to the very best study content and therefore the exam pass rate will be less high. This is good for you because it means that your qualifications become in shorter supply and then you can command more money. This is great news for you so go with Kaplan to get an advantage in the job market.